Below are some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find any answer, just contact us.

Q:  I notice you sell on Ebay too but not with all products? Also the prices are different from Ebay and here?  Why some products are never on sale?

Some brands are price controlled by our suppliers and are not allowed to sell on auction sites or at any discount.  Our web store has the full range of products than our Ebay store.  You may find the prices are different on Ebay than our webstore. This is due to costs incurred by different merchants that we need to oncharge to our customers.  Purchasing on our webstore is definitely one of the cheapest options!

Q:  I notice your prices change from the last time I visited your website?

Prices of products, services, delivery and other charges displayed on this website are current at the time of issue but may change at any time and are subject to availability.  We reserve the right to alter prices, product description, shipping and handling charges and methods without notice. 

Q: Are your products in stock in Australia?

Yes!  Our authentic stocks are ready stock in our warehouse and you can be sure you will get your order pretty quick!

Q: If I am a supplier and wish to have The Woof Shop to be part of our stocklist?

Great to have amazing brands to be stocked at The Woof Shop! We are constantly adding new products to our webstore. Just contact us using the contact form.